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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

knockdown_drywall_texture_knockdown_processPOPCORN CEILING REMOVAL — Remove popcorn ceilings simply, with the expert help of Papa’s Handyman. Since 1970, Papa has been a trusted expert in the drywall trade which has included removing hundreds of popcorn ceilings as well as re-texturing and painting as well. When popcorn ceilings, also known as acoustic ceilings, fell out of popularity in the mid 1980′s Papa began removing popcorn ceilings. With the help from his son’s Papa has removed a countless number of popcorn ceilings over the years and has perfected the process which guarantees a clean, fast removal, refinishing and even painting done in just a couple of days!

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Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings not only lower the value of your home or business but it also can be responsible for causing serious allergy problems as well. Papa’s popcorn ceiling removal process lasts just ONE day, which also includes refinishing. Are you ready to remove your acoustic popcorn ceilings? Call today for a free no obligation estimate right over the phone, 1-877-792-7252!

What is it about popcorn ceilings that makes it almost a necessity to remove them? First of all, they lower your home value. Second, they are a cause for allergens. If you look up and really study your popcorn ceilings you will notice dirt, dust, spider webs, among other nasty stuff just collecting in them. Over the years, this becomes a huge problem, not only to your health, but, well it’s an eyesore. After removing so many popcorn ceilings we know, It is some grimy stuff that popcorn on your ceilings.

Clean, Fast, Affordable Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Our company works with accuracy and precision to ensure QUALITY service. Our proven methods cut down on the mess during the removal process, which leaves your home in the same condition in which our team arrives, if not cleaner! Are you ready to transform your old outdated popcorn ceilings into fresh, new modern ceilings?! Your satisfaction with our popcorn ceiling removal services is guaranteed! Excellent service at reasonable rates is our promise to you.

For a free cost estimate on your popcorn ceiling removal, fill out our online form. We will email you within one business day with a free quote! This process is accurate and there is absolutely no need for us to come out to your home. All the details we need are asked for in the form.

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Maybe you just want to paint your popcorn ceilings, or you want to repair your popcorn ceilings, or cover your popcorn ceilings. We do all this. From painting, to repairing, covering and more commonly removing popcorn ceilings, we are your solution.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost

The costs of removing popcorn ceilings can vary, and many companies have different techniques in which they calculate the cost. However, many contractors still price popcorn ceiling removal based on the actual square footage (ceiling space). Most common, the costs per square foot to remove popcorn ceilings is about $0.90 on up to about $2.75 regardless of where you live in the United States. The overall average cost to remove popcorn ceilings is currently $1.25 per square foot. Some factors which affect the cost to remove popcorn ceilings is: vaulted (cathedral) ceilings, the type of finish (texture), how many stories your home is, whether your home is furnished or not, etc…

Remember, our team of drywall professionals will remove your old acoustic “popcorn” ceilings, repair imperfections, refinish your ceilings (knockdown, skip trowel, orange peel or smooth) AND prime and paint for the fully finished look! Best of all, we remove acoustic popcorn ceilings in both FURNISHED and UNFURNISHED homes in nearly the same time frame!

What type of drywall finish will you choose after the popcorn ceiling has been removed?

All of our drywall finishing (texturing) services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We warranty our workmanship for 1 full year!

Orange Peel Texture

Medium Orange Peel Texture
Orange Peel Texture, seen above, is a decorative spray texture used to give walls a nice, decorative finish. Sprayed correctly, an orange peel can look very nice and modern.

Skip Trowel Texture

Skip Trowel Texture
Skip Trowel Texture, seen above, is a hand applied texture that was mainly used in older homes. It’s desired for it’s use in hiding imperfections.

Knockdown Texture

Knockdown Texture
Knockdown Texture, seen above, is a very common spray texture that’s considered more modern and is used mostly in the construction of track homes due to it’s quick application.

Old World Custom Texture

Old World Texture
Old World Texture, seen above, is a custom finish, hand applied to give it that unique “old world” appearance. Old World is very uncommon, and normally found in custom homes.

Level 4 Smooth

Level 4 smooth
Smooth Level 4, seen above, is the most common drywall finish. It’s modern, clean and functional. Over 50% choose a level 4 smooth finish. (NOTE: The image above is an imperfect smooth finish, after it had been painted.)

Level 5 Smooth

Level 5 Smooth
Smooth Level 5, seen above (before paint), is completely flawlessly smooth. You will find not one imperfection is a level 5.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal FAQ’s

01. Typically, how long does it take to remove popcorn ceilings?
Popcorn ceilings can typically be removed in one day. This can change if the square footage is on the larger side, very high ceilings or if the popcorn ceiling has been painted.

02. What type of textures do I have to choose from?
You have the option of the following textures: knockdown, skip trowel, orange peel and old world. You also have the option of “no texture” an imperfect smooth finish (level 4) and a perfect smooth (level 5). Note: Old world and smooth level 5 are more expensive.

03. What is included in the popcorn ceiling removal cost quote?
Typically, we provide popcorn ceiling removal and refinishing (this is standard). First we prep all areas, remove popcorn ceilings, prep the ceilings and then refinish them. We can also paint your ceilings if desired.

04. Do I have to paint my ceilings after they have been textured?
Simply put, yes. Priming and Painting your ceilings seals the texture. If you did not paint your ceilings would be “unfinished” and the joint compound (texture) would brown overtime.

05. Do you accept credit cards?
Yes we do. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover. We also accept E-Check.

The Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process Explained

Step 1. Prepare the rooms.

Mask off any ceiling fixtures and vents. Cover all furniture, floors and walls.

Step 2. Removal Phase.

Mist the ceiling with water hose, making sure water penetrates “popcorn” ceiling. Note, for painted popcorn ceilings, this phases will have to be done over 2-4 times until water penetrates. Next, carefully scrape the popcorn from the ceiling making sure to minimize any damage to ceiling.

Step 3. Repair Ceiling Phase.

The ceiling after removal is never ready for texture. In this phase, we will repair any minor imperfections. Some major repairs are an extra charge. Skim all joints, nails/screws.

Step 4. Drywall Finishing Phase.

Apply texture to match walls or a texture of homeowner preference. Available finishes are: knockdown, orange peel, skip trowel, smooth and “custom” old world.

Step 5. Prime Phase **Optional**

Apply industrial strength primer and seal the ceiling before paint is applied.

Step 6. Paint Phase. **Optional**

Apply homeowners preference of paint color. Note, this color is usually the same color as walls, a different color is usually an extra charge.

Step 7. Touch Up Phase. **Optional**

Touch up walls if included.

Step 8. Clean Up and Disposal Phase.

All material and debris used on-site will be removed of and disposed of in a proper manner.

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