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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Dallas TX — Do you need popcorn ceilings removed in the Dallas area? Craving modern smooth ceilings or a more updated texture? Papa’s Handyman is an expert in the removal of popcorn ceilings as well as re-texturing an painting. Providing our clients in Dallas, Texas with a smooth process from start to completion is what we are known for in the area.

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  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and our workmanship is backed by a two year warranty. We’ve made removing popcorn ceilings in as little as one or two days possible. Not only can we complete your popcorn ceiling removal project in a fast time-frame but cleanly and at an affordable cost as well! Get your free no obligation estimate for popcorn ceiling removal in Dallas TX now, call 1-877-792-7252. Don’t forget to ask about our popcorn ceiling removal and paint specials!

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Fast, Efficient Popcorn Ceiling Removal Specialists In Dallas, Texas

Papa’s Ceiling Specialists Have Over 10+ Years Experience

When you hire Papa’s Handyman for the removal of your popcorn ceilings in Dallas TX, you will be making a great choice! Our popcorn ceiling removal experts are known for their quality and ability to remove popcorn ceilings in a fast time frame, typically one day! For painting, add just one more day!

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No Hassle Ceiling Estimates, Easy As 1-2-3

When you are ready to finally remove those nasty popcorn ceilings requesting an estimate is simple, and the best method is..? Right here on our website… simply fill in this online form and receive a fast email quote, in which the price is 100% guaranteed! How do we do this? We have been removing popcorn ceilings for over 25 years, and know exactly what we need to know in order to accurately estimate any project under any conditions.

Clean, Quality Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Cleanliness is super important, this is your home we are talking about! The whole process of popcorn ceiling removal in Dallas is messy, but we keep your home clean! How?

Our proven methods cut down on the mess during the popcorn ceiling removal process, which leaves your home in the same condition in which our team arrives, all you have to look forward to are your new modern ceilings! This is done by sealing up your home, bagging it super tight and using tough plastic sheeting and drop cloths. We contain the huge, muddy mess! Hire Papa’s Handyman to remove popcorn ceilings, re-texture and paint your ceilings any color of your choice! Request an estimate online, click here.

One Day Popcorn Ceiling Removal Dallas TX

One Day is all that is needed to remove popcorn ceilings and texture, under 1,000 sq. ft.

Not only will you be getting your popcorn ceilings removed, but in the fastest time frame available in the industry for a fair, honest price. One day popcorn ceiling removal includes texture for most homes. Add one more day for paint and you will have new, renovated ceilings! How do we do it? Our teams are fast and efficient. We do not speed through the process, we simply have a system that works and utilize it to our advantage. While you might be worried about quality, don’t worry, we are known not only for our quickness but renown for our quality workmanship as well. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal FAQ’s

Below are the most frequently asked questions and provided answers by our popcorn ceiling specialists here in Dallas TX. If your question has not been answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Can popcorn ceilings be removed in furnished homes?
A: Yes! Furnished homes take a little more work, but we definitely have no problem providing this service whether the home is furnished or not.

Q: My home is furnished, is there any preparations that I need to make sure are done?
A: We do ask that a few things are done before we begin work in your home, please take a look at this link.

Q: Can I choose smooth ceilings with textured walls? Will this look OK?
A: Yes and yes! A smooth finish is a great choice, but does cost a little more than a textured finish. A smooth finish complements any textured wall finish.

Q: How long will the popcorn ceiling removal renovation process take?
A: Typical time frames for popcorn ceilings removal and texture is one day. With painting, add one more day. In cold winter months, the joint compound takes longer to day, so an extra day for drying time may be needed.

Q: Can I choose the brand of paint?
A: Yes, however certain brands do not work as well as others so there may be a charge increase for lower quality paint that do not cover as well.

If your question(s) have not been answered on this page, please check out our FAQ page or get in touch.

Ceiling Painting After Removal And Texture

Many Times, Our Dallas Clients Want Painting As Well. Our Painting Services Are Backed By A 3 Year Warranty!

After popcorn ceilings are removed, ceilings repaired, prepped and textured, our team can paint your ceilings as well. We prefer Kelly Moore or Dallas Moore Paints for interior, residential painting. When you hire Papa’s Handyman for your ceiling painting after popcorn ceiling removal, you will have the choice of ANY COLOR!

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