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    Smooth Drywall Finishing

    We specialize in quality smooth finishes (Level 4 and Level 5)
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    Skip Trowel Drywall Finishing

    We specialize in the application of Skip Trowel Texture.
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    Medium Knockdown Drywall Finishing

    We specialize in Medium Knockdown Texturing.
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    Heavy Knockdown Drywall Finishing

    We Specialize in Heavy Knockdown Texturing.
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    Popcorn Ceiling Drywall Finishing

    We Specialize in Re-Sraying Popcorn Ceilings and Removing them as well!

Drywall Finishing

Renown For Our Quality Drywall Finishes

Drywall Finishing Experts

Drywall Finishing is our specialty, from matching textures, re-texturing, applying new texture and removing textures. Regardless of your drywall finishing project size, Papa’s Handyman can complete your finishing project timely and within budget. We are a renowned company for expert drywall finishing, our techniques have been practiced and expertly applied since 1970.

Best Drywall Finishers

The main drywall finishes are a knockdown texture, orange peel texture, skip trowel texture, old world texture, imperfect smooth level 4, and smooth level 5. Of these, the most modern drywall finishes are the imperfect smooth and knockdown texture. Whether you are renovating your home and changing the texture or applying a texture to bare drywall, finding the right texture or drywall finish is extremely important. When you need drywall finishing services, give the professionals at Papa’s Handyman a call, text or email. CONTACT US.

Browse Drywall Finishing Styles

What type of drywall finish style are you interested in?

Get in touch with our drywall professionals for more information on the drywall finishing services we offer in your area. Free Phone, Text and Email Quotes!

Transform your walls and/or ceilings with a new drywall finish! Re-Texture your walls by floating over with a new texture. Papa’s Handyman is your skilled drywall company with journeyman drywall finishers to complete your project up to par!

Find Quality – We make beautiful walls & ceilings!

All of our drywall finishing (texturing) services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We warranty our workmanship for 1 full year!

Level 4 Smooth
Level 4 Smooth
Smooth Level 4, seen above, is the most common drywall finish. It’s modern, clean and functional. Over 50% choose a level 4 smooth finish. (NOTE: The image above is an imperfect smooth finish, after it had been painted.)

Orange Peel Texture
Orange Peel Texture
Orange Peel Texture, seen above, is a decorative spray texture used to give walls a nice, decorative finish. Sprayed correctly, an orange peel can look very nice and modern.

Level 5 Smooth
Level 5 Smooth
Smooth Level 5, seen above (before paint), is completely flawlessly smooth. You will find not one imperfection is a level 5.

Skip Trowel Texture
Skip Trowel Texture
Skip Trowel Texture, seen above, is a hand applied texture that was mainly used in older homes. It’s desired for it’s use in hiding imperfections.

Knockdown Texture
Knockdown Texture
Knockdown Texture, seen above, is a very common spray texture that’s considered more modern and is used mostly in the construction of track homes due to it’s quick application.

Old World Custom Texture
Old World Texture
Old World Texture, seen above, is a custom finish, hand applied to give it that unique “old world” appearance. Old World is very uncommon, and normally found in custom homes.

For expert drywall finishing, call Papa’s Handyman today at 1-877-792-7252.

Since 2009, we have created a system where we able to accurately price (over the phone) drywall finishing projects. Snap a photo, shoot a video and/or give us approximate dimensions and we will be able to accurately bid your drywall finishing project. Click here for our online form. Don’t forget to mention the drywall finish(es) you would like a quote on!

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