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Finding a good Handyman company is tough business, when it comes down to decision time you must choose. To help make that decision better, my wife and I have come up with some reasons why you should choose Papa’s Handyman for your destination to hiring top rated handyman professionals.

“Professional. Reliable, Detail oriented. Choose from Papa’s top rated pro’s for any type of home improvement project, you won’t be disappointed.” – Jeff Alrich

1Experience. Handymen associated with Papa’s Handyman have experience that exceeds 8 years.

2Reliable. In order to have a stress free day our handymen must make their clients happy and showing up on time to the job always begins the day on a good note.

3Workmanship. Our handymen* pride themselves in delivering quality workmanship and always look forward to pleased smiles at the completion of their work. Projects are backed by a workmanship guarantee, by most professionals.

4Honesty. Our handymen will always tell their clients what is recommended, what will last and what needs to be done. Their goal is to their client’s happy and satisfied with the results of their work.

5Affordable Prices. Papa’s connects you with handymen whose goals are to charge a decent price so at the end of the job you wont feel overcharged. When you receive a quote from our pro’s, it should be itemized so you know exactly what you are being charged for.

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Carpentry Services

Papa’s Handyman helps install and build a variety of customized carpentry projects.

Papa's Handyman Carpentry Services

When you need a crown molding installed, doors, stairs and ramps and even building custom bookcases or entertainment centers, our professional carpenters can help. With just one call or email, you can schedule an in-home estimate or even get an estimated cost simply through email.

When you need professional carpentry services by a company with over 40+ years in the business.. you can depend upon Papa’s Handyman. Our quality, hand-crafted carpentry services will leave any room in your home looking beautiful while adding value to your home.

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Drywall Services

Our Drywall experts are journeyman level and specialize in all phases of drywall and removing popcorn ceilings.

Papa's Handyman Drywall Services

Providing drywall services is our specialty, from installing drywall in a room or so, to drywalling the entire house, Papa’s Handyman can successfully complete your project– on-budget and on-schedule. Regardless of your projects size, Papa’s Handyman can do any drywall work, get it completed affordably, with quality, professionally and in a strict time-frame.

Our skilled journeyman drywall sheet-rockers, tapers and/or finishers will complete your project with the best quality available – guaranteed! Call our drywall professionals for more information on the drywall services we offer in your area. 1-877-792-7252 – Free Phone and Email Quotes!

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House Painting Services

Our Painters are journeyman level and specialize in both interior and exterior painting as well as wallpaper removal and hanging.

Papa's Handyman Painting Services

As one of the most reputable house painter companies in the area, Papa’s Handyman prides itself on its affordable quality house painting services both interior and exterior painting. Nothing makes a home makeover quite like a fresh coat of paint, so if you’re looking to re-energize your homes interior or exterior call Papa’s Handyman today!

Papa’s Handyman provides many expert home services which includes quality interior painting and exterior house painting and pressure washing. Papa’s Handyman is known for carefully preparing the home and recommending quality painting materials so that our painting services last, bringing back beauty and adding value to your home.

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Flooring Services

Our Flooring experts are journeyman level and specialize in installing, repairing and replacing floors of all materials.

Papa's Handyman Flooring Services

When remodeling your home, their are many places to upgrade and adding new flooring is typically a must for the average homeowner. Depending of your specific tastes you may be searching for hardwood flooring, or maybe something more comfortable such as carpet. Our flooring installers have a minimum of ten years of experience in the floor installation business.

Which flooring material will you be installing– Hardwood, Carpet, Laminate, Ceramic / Porcelain / Marble Tile, Vinyl or Linoleum? Our flooring experts will help you consider your options to best fit your needs. Need floors that are easy to maintain, that are durable and affordable? Laminate. Need flooring that is comfortable and warm on your feet? Carpet. Do you crave a rich, sophisticated look? Hardwood.

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Electrical Services

Our Electrician experts are journeyman level and specialize in residential electrical installation, service and repair.

Papa's Handyman Electrical Services

We are an experienced and qualified electrical company performing new installation, tenant improvements, repairs, maintenance, and time & material projects. We strive to meet our customers’ electrical needs while providing the highest level of customer service, quality work, safety, and affordable rates.

You can feel confident calling Papa’s Handyman, knowing that our highly trained electrician will treat you, your family, and your property with the respect and attention to safety that you deserve.

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Plumbing Services

Our Plumber experts are journeyman level and specialize in residential plumbing installation, service and repair.

Papa's Handyman Plumbing Services

As a family-owned and operated business, you can be sure of the highest level of care and attention that puts your needs first! Whether you are looking for routine maintenance or you need a plumbing repair, we can be there fast. We want to make it easy for our valued clients so we aim to work around your schedule, 7 days a week.

Our plumbing technicians will arrive promptly, ready to listen to your needs and offer accurate, quality solutions. We consider our plumbers the best in the business. Our technicians have years of valuable experience providing you with the highest level of quality in every job! Our simple goal – to offer you trusted plumbing service from our knowledgeable professionals and guarantee your satisfaction.

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Bathroom Services

Our Bathroom experts specialize in bathroom remodeling, or small bathroom projects such as replacing a faucet or toilet.

Papa's Handyman Bathroom Services

Whether you are planning a large bathroom remodeling project or small bath remodel project, Papa’s Handyman has the expertise and open availability to get your ideas completed within your budget and schedule. Each of our remodeling experts are skilled and trained to complete any size bathroom remodeling project to your satisfaction. Whether your remodeling project is large, medium or small… our experts in bathroom remodeling are just one call away!

Whether your just replacing one or two items in your bathroom or doing a complete bathroom remodel, Papa’s Handyman is your one-stop for your bathroom remodeling needs!

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Kitchen Services

Our Kitchen experts specialize in kitchen remodeling, or smaller kitchen projects such as replacing a kitchen sink or backsplash.

Papa's Handyman Kitchen Services

Transform the most popular space in your house – the kitchen! Let us help create a lively, comfortable and functional environment for you where you and your family spend much of your time. From start to finish, ceiling to floor, we can accomplish this quickly and efficiently. No matter the size or scope of your kitchen remodel, Papa’s Handyman can take on the task of your kitchen remodeling project with skill and ease!

Since our establishment, we have been focused on providing homeowners with innovative design, meticulous craftsmanship and high quality, personalized service.

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Window Services

Our Window experts specialize in the installation, repair and replacement of windows.

Papa's Handyman Window Services

We are the neighborhood professionals you can rely on to be your one-stop solution and the best source for window repair, installation and replacement. We can also remove hard water spots and hard water stains and even remove scratches from glass for residential and commercial customers. Our professional glass restoration services are a cost-effective and green alternative. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and services. It would be our pleasure to serve you with any of your window repair, replacement or installation needs.

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Home Repair Services

Our Home Repair experts specialize all major home repair and home improvement projects.

Papa's Handyman Home Improvement

Manage your home repairs To Do list with professional handyman services from Papa’s Handyman.

Papa’s Handyman is a leading home improvement company in your area. Get quality home improvements, home repairs and remodeling services at an affordable price. We do it all, we are your one call handyman professionals 24/7. Get in touch today to see why Papa’s Handyman is your preferred choice!

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Why Choose Papa’s Handyman?

Get A Price Quote
Have you ever wondered if there were a simpler way of receiving an estimate? Now there is! Our estimating process is simple and there is rarely never a need to come out. To receive a fast, affordable estimate please give us a call, email or chat with Papa’s Handyman experts live.

One Stop Handyman
Here at Papa’s Handyman, we offer a wide range of services that are completed by experienced journeyman’s. Whether you have just one single project or multiple projects throughout your home, our expert handymen can complete your project on-schedule and on-budget.

  • We will always arrive at the scheduled time, ready to begin the project.
  • We will always be friendly, courteous and clearly answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • We will treat your property as if it were our own, careful not to damage any of your property.
  • We will not leave you unsatisfied with the work completed in your home.
  • We will leave your home in the neat and clean condition in which we arrived.
  • We will provide you with a one year “no nonsense” warranty on workmanship.